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Has anyone had work done at the San Diego Clear Choice Dental Implant office? How was your experience?

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On December 21, 2012 I received two denture implants, one for the top and one for the bottom from Clear Choice located in San Diego. I also had a few teeth removed from the bottom as well as from the top. So far I seem to be alright and I do see these pretty looking teeth in my mouth. On the day of the surgery I did have one very painful experience that I was not expecting and had not read about in any of my prior searches on the internet before I had made my final decision. After I left the recovery room, I was sent into another room to have the bridges put on. I don't know what exactly was being done, I can only describe what it felt like to me was being done. It felt like a screw being turned by a screw driver with great amount of pressure right into the roof of my mouth and there was no nova cane that I was aware of. It was so painful to me, but mind over matter I listened to the doctor to let him put the other remaining 3. After he finished the top I then grabbed my face with both my hands and sat up and all I could do was moan and groan while rocking back and forth and trying to catch my breath. I was told to lay back down so that the doctor could place the bottom bridge in but I rebelliously declined because of the severity of pain I was feeling in the roof of my mouth. They let me be for a few minutes until I could somewhat compose myself with a little reluctance on my part. I then asked for my pain medication but the nurse said I needed to first put something in my stomach since I hadn't eaten anything from the night before. O H M Y GOD ! In my mind who the heck cares about there being food in my stomach, just give me the pain meds!!! She then brought me a bottle of Ensure to drink, but I didn't drink I GULPED it down just so I could that pain med!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The doctor then said that the bottom one would not feel as bad as the top one did, so I laid back down (just to get it over with!) It turned out that he was absolutely right, I did not feel that much pain compared to the top one. These are temporary, they are sort of like dentures but do not cover as much as dentures do. more like a protector mounted over the gums where my teeth use to be until the implants graft themselves into the bone . After my 6 months recovery, they will be replaced with an upper bridge and a lower bridge. Other than the experience I just described, If I had to put my overall experience of the San Diego Location on a percentage scale I would honestly have to make it a 99%, Ninety nine % Sylvia
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