Saline girls, Does your implants feel soft and underfilled?? I need some input

  • Mylucklefty
  • 1 year ago

I had saline implants for 18 years above the muscle 225 cc moderate.  Had them replaced in sept 2013 to 400cc high profile.  right away had a deflated implant, went back and had them replaced again oct 2 2013. Both replacements I had been told to go under the muscle, which I did.  after second replacement, had dr fill to 430cc ( 400 cc implant)  as the first time he was supposed to overfill and forgot. now they feel super soft.  they also feel crunchy. they loose their shape when I bend over or lay on my side.  My old implants where overfilled and they never felt like this or acted this way.  I have advised my dr that I'm not happy and he says to give it time.  I'm now 30 days post op from the second replacement and they seem to be getting softer.  I will say that they look better than they did (with old implants) but just not what I was looking for.  I'm 43 5' tall and 110lbs.  I wanted a more upper poll fullness and round.  They seem to be a little droopy, but not bad.  The dr wants me to wait 3 months to see what happens.  I just don't feel like they are "full"  does anyone else have this problem or feeling with saline implants??  Just a little confused.....