Safe to Post Pics?

  • Juliabars
  • Seattle, WA
  • 2 years ago

Do you know if it's safe to post pics on reviews/q&a? I'd like to do so but I'm afraid someone will find out who I am. Have any of you had such an experience??

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Sorry m new to the site, researching bbl
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Hi Sharon,

Thanks for the comment. Also, this is off subject but do you know why plastic surgeons don't answer certain questions? I know I have posted a lot (26 total) - it was simply due to both a curiosity of plastic surgery as well as bypassing expensive consultations (I'm treating myself to 1 procedure ever so I'd like to choose the best option) - so I'm guessing I'm looking a bit "obsessed" (I guess it is if curiosity or pickiness is an obsession) to the docs... They've slowly been trickling away from my questions... Just wondering since I'm sure you are more familiar with the realself community than I am. Perhaps I could ask the docs this question, lol...

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I recommend cropping your photos so that only the relevant body parts are shown; e.g. there's no reason to include your face in breast or butt shots (unless you want to!). Also, cover up any tattoos. That way you're pretty anonymous.

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