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When is it safe to go to the beach after smart lipo?

  • joha1006
  • Miami, FL
  • 3 years ago

I had my procedure on June 24th and i'm planning to go to the beach on July 31 which by then it will be 5weeks and 2days since i had my procedure,  right now im feeling great and have no more bruises im still a little swollen but I'm confident that would be gone by the 31rst. I will see my Dr on the 20th and will follow his recommendations but i also wanted to know everyones experience on going to the beach after smart lipo...   thankx.. 

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Hi, I went to my doctor today and he said I am doing great and im not swollen at all on my tummy and arms only on one thigh just a little.. Now he says its due to the massages they really help... So start as soon as you can with the massages... If you can afford it do it 3 times a weeks... My doctor gave the best news ever he said im ready to do anything, now he did mention to use a lot of sunscreen.. Until im 2months at least to be save and avoid any stain on my skin...
I am having smart lipo this week and also have a beach vacation coming up. Mine however is only 3.5 weeks away. I am wondering how swollen you are? Are you too swollen to wear a swim suit. I am a size 4 and am getting my tummy and lovehandles done. I am not overweight but need to get rid of some extra fat. Can you tell me more about your experience?
Also, FYI my doc said after 2 weeks I am can swim...I am not sure I can wait even that long! I love to swim laps in my pool!!!

Hi Joha,

I don't have any personal experience, but it will depend on your incision sites and how much swelling you have. You don't want to get sand in any open wounds; it'd be easier to keep your arms clean than, say, your legs.

If you're healed up and you feel okay then I say go for it!