Is it safe for 15-16 year olds to have breast reduction?

  • Pheonix
  • Houston,Texas
  • 4 years ago

I was wondering if it is safe for a 15 year old who is turning 16 soon to have a Breast Reduction?

I've been having horrible back and neck pain. I can't find clothes that fit correctly. I'm 5'5, my waist is 28 in. My hips are 33in, my bust is 36 in. and i'm a 32ddd or 32e. I'm a athlete. i play tennis, and i recently had to quit track due to the lost of breath and back pain from the sports bras. My posture is horrible.

I'm very disappointed that i can no longer run track and last year i won 2nd place in district.


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My 17 year d daughter just had a pound removed from each breast.
I've read several online articles on doctor and medical pages and it says that you can get one, you would just need a follow up surgery.
My surgeon will not perform any reduction until after age 20 because you're still going through puberty and your body will continue to change. What's the point in removing breast tissue at 15 when more will just develop in the coming years? I would be afraid that a reduction that young, with breasts still changing would come out... wrong or will need repeat surgery in a few years. At 15 I was a 34C cup, at 19 (and after a 20lb weight loss) I was a 38DD. I know it's tough and it sucks- I was a volleyball player and equestrian (hello, bounce) but I would try to tough it out. Champion makes GREAT sports bras and there is a website that I used to order from when I was larger busted called "figleaves"-- pretty and supportive bras for those of us who need it :)
I am 14 I have been a 36DDD for a year and a half. I really want a beast reduction because my back pain has incresed and I can no longer play sports. I have to wear a reguler bra then a sports bra. It kills my shoulers and back. I have a um birth defect in a way. I have nerve and muscle damage in my left shoulder and arm. It puts so much strane on my shoulder I cry and i have red marks on my shoulder. It used to only hurt my bad shoulder now it doesnt matter. I have been wearing bra since the 3rd grade. I weight about 155 and I am 5"3.

I am 15 years old, i weigh 115 lbs, I'm 5 ft 5 and have 32DDD's. They have seemed to stop growing, and i suffer from severe back and neck pain. I am an avid athlete, and my breasts make it very hard to exercise. I also have trouble finding bras and clothing. I was wondering if it is possible to get a breast reduction at the age of 15 or 16?


Am I too young to get a breast reduction? I'm 15 years old and my boobs are a 36DDD. I really can't stand it at all as it doesn't fit the rest of my body at 5ft 3in and around 170lbs. I really want to get the surgery but I don't know if I'm old enough to get it done.