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Saddlebag smartlipo and weight

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  • 2 years ago

Hi ladies, I am freaking out and on the fence, looking for some feedback from those who have had saddlebags treated with smartlipo. I am 44 and have had them all my life, and am tired of limited clothing options and being self conscious. I am 5'5" and 126 lbs. I do my best to work out 4x week, weight is stable. I'm a 10/12 on bottom and a 4/6 on top. So, as you can guess, my top is slim and toned and tummy is flat despite two babies. I am concerned the lipo will cause me to gain weight on top, and ruin the part of me I do like. Can anyone who had smartlipo for contouring reasons, please share results? I have my appt in two weeks and am really nervous. Thank you!

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About four weeks for bruising and another four for the tenderness. Good luck!
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Thnx for your replies and good luck on ur next procedure. It's getting great reviews!
I was Very bruised, it was over a month before I was no longer hiding from my kids. The feeling is back now fully, but I was numb on spots for the first two months. I'm now getting cellulaze done in a few weeks, so will be bruised again soon, but hopefully wearing shorts for the first time in years!
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How long were you sore/tender? Am so looking forward to not being in pain anymore. Congrats on the cellulaze. Am gonna go look that up now...
It was apparent from the start, though I was still pretty swollen at three weeks. Maybe you are too? The funny thing is not a single person noticed! Maybe we are too hard on ourselves.
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I am hoping it's still swelling. My husband thinks i look better so i guess i am very hard on myself. I am also still experiencing mild pain. I wear my garment as directed but i'm still sore and cringe whenever anyone comes near my legs. How long until you felt back to normal? My bruises are just now fading.
As an aside, I am diabetic, and my AIC dropped considerably after I had smartlipo, even though i am down only two pounds! My shape is better and I suspect those saddlebags were really dense. And now they are gone :)
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How lomg did it take for you to notice a decent change? I am 3 weeks out from hvng my saddlebags removed and i thot at first i looked good but recently they look like they are coming back. Am starting to get depressed.
I did go ahead, the saddlebags are gone, the banana roll too. Oddly, I am the same size! And nobody seems to have noticed. I am two months out. So, I feel better about me, but expected more dramatic effect. So glad yours went well!
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I got my saddlebags done on feb 10. Literally best thing I ever did!! I have gone from a size 10 to an 8 in 2 wks and still swollen so will prob get even smaller. I look so much different in clothes. I'm so happy. Recovery was easy. Started walking at day 3 and moved to elliptical at day 10. I have been getting massages 3x a week. I am soooooo happy with the results. But use a good doctor! You get what you pay for. I paid $6000 for inner/outer thighs, saddlebags and banana roll area. You will be so happy!
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