Possible robotic hysterectomy in my future should I have it done before or after the tummy tuck?

  • summer13
  • Birmingham
  • 3 years ago

I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck, breast lift revision & implants on 5/2/2011. Just heard from OB/GYN I need to have either an ablation with cone or a robotic hysterectomy. I had abnormal cells on my pap smear and also have servere bleeding during my periods. We decided on the ablation w/the cone but I'm having 2nd thoughts and now considering the hsyterectomy. He did say I was fine to wait and have the procedure done after my plastic surgery. My plastic surgeon does not want them to be done at the same time due to concerns with anthesia. Anyone have any experience with this? What are the scars like from a robotic hysterectomy? Anyone had an ablation and still needed to have the hysterectomy? How long afterwards? Any thoughts and experience will help! Thanks!!!

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I have never heard of robotic hysterectomy but I had a hysterectomy and TT at the same time on Feb 10th. The Ob doctor said women do it all the time and had a PS he worked with who was also recommended by my general doctor also. It was less expensive for the TT doing it that way because we already had the OR room and the anesthesiologist. I had heavy bleeding every two weeks, fibroids and my uterine wall was growing into my uterine muscles. I would do the hysterectomy before the TT if they will not do it at the same time and if the hysterectomy is not done vaginally.

I hope some of the ladies on RealSelf are able to give you some insight here. I'm not familiar with robotic hysterectomies, but here is what some doctors have to say about getting a hysterectomy and tummy tuck at the same time.