how risky is doing a chemical peel? ive heard some horror stories

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ive heard some horror stories even from people who had it done in a doctors office. how common is this & is there anything i can do to avoid such a thing happening? im considering doing something called a vitalize peel. ive been using retin a for about a year & a half & was told to stop usage at least a week prior to treatment. but reading some of these horror stories has me concerned.

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Very risky. Honestly do not do any TCA peel at home above 20%. Many of my friends got damage from TCA over 20%. Then you have to spent thousand of dollars to remove the damages! I use the Gorgeous peel that I buy from I'm Fabulous Cosmetics online. I do not get heavy peeling from it and I can still go outside and be seen. I get great results from it. If you want to do a strong peel, I will really suggest you go see a professional to do it for you.

If you click on the Find a Doctor tab near the top of the page you can search your area, then further narrow your criteria by either procedure or specialty. Only board certified dermatologists are listed. :)


Right now Chemical Peels have a 62% Worth It Rating, which means of the 127 community members who have shared their story with us about 79 would do it again.

As with any treatment, there are always going to be risks. To help reduce them going to someone well trained in using a peel, such as a board certified dermatologist is probably your best bet.

Here is some info you might find helpful:

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Hope this helps somewhat - would love to hear if you decide to do one, and how it goes for you!!


do you have a link that lists "board certified dermatologists?"

thank you.