How can I get rid of the scar on my upper lip?

  • nobody12
  • 3 years ago

I was punched in the face, bad as I hate to admit it, by an ex boy friend now everytime I look in the mirror I see this reminder. Please give me suggestions to make it go away. I've had 3 steriod injections and I don't really notice a difference. It's been almost 2 years now and it's still here. I had a plastic surgeron tell me he'd cut it out for $1000 but I'm scared to let him try, if it didn't work i'd be out $1000 and still have to look at this bad memory.

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You can barely see it and you look beautiful. The scar doesn't detract from your look at all.
I think you need to wear it as a reminder. Eventually the pain of traumatic memories fades and it turns into strength.

Hi Afowler,

You might want to check out the "worth it" reviews for scar removal. There are a few different treatments community members have used that they were very satisfied with. Hope that helps.