How can I get rid of my Damaged teeth? I am really worried.

  • Kleanne
  • 2 years ago

HI! I'm glad I got the opportunity to join this forum. I hope you can give me some help. :)   Damaged teeth has been my problem ever since I am a child. I have pulled out number of tooth because of this problem. And now I have it again, not just one, but two! I think I'll loss all my teeth if this will continue. What can I do with this matter? Do damaged tooth really infect those that are not damaged? I am in doubt if I will going to pull those damaged tooth I have again because it may affect the shape of my face. Will it really do? Thanks for the help!:)

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Hi, Before giving you the answer to your question, I'll first tell you that bad & damaged teeth are very harmful for other good teeth and will also lead to sever infection. However you can get rid of this problem by regularly vising for dental health checkup. Being a Dental consultant from Colorado Springs, I suggest you to have cosmetic dentistry which will help yo to gain a better smile on you face with bright teeth. For more information visit

Hi Kleanne,

I'm not sure there is enough information in the forum post for people to be able to give you a good answer. It would be great if you could specify what kind of damage to your teeth your are experience (ie cavities, chipping, breaking, discoloration, etc).

I also want to make sure you know about our Q&A section. That is where you can ask a question and the dentists who volunteer on RealSelf will share their opinions with you. The  more specific information you can give them the better. It is also great if you can include a picture so they can see what you are describing.


What kind of problem do you have with your teeth. You need to consult your dentist as soon as possible, otherwise, damaged teeth will start damaging other teeth.