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Can I get rid of the huge pores I have on my T zone area?

  • Josh Phan
  • sacramento,CA
  • 4 years ago

Ever since I was a teen I noticed the the pores on my T zone area was larger. Now that i'm 29 yrs old, the pores has gotten huge. I need help real bad. Can cosmetic surgery help get rid of my enlarge pores problem? Such as skin excision or skin revision.I wanted to replace the skin on my T zone area with good skin from my body. Is that possible and will that fix the problem? If not what are my alternative treatments? I really wish my pores were small like everybody else. Pleas any advice will be appreciated.

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Based on what I've read in beauty mags throughout the years as well as on RealSelf, there is no magic treatment for minimizing pores. Everybody's skin is different! 

If you feel you've exhausted the beauty cream aisle, here is some great advice from board-certified physicians for professional-grade treatment.

But remember-- people have pores! What we see in magazines has been photoshopped like crazy. With their crazy dieting and schedules, I wouldn't be suprised if most models have worse skin than the average person :)

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