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how to get rid of dark spots cause by scabies

  • neka1
  • jamaica
  • 10 months ago

I had scabies in the most terrible stage now my entire skin has a lot of dark spots on it from my breast down to my leg.. What can I use to get rid of these spots quickly

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I use these products on dark spots, red marks or scars on my face or body: Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment Acne Medication "... while helping to reduce the appearance of redness and the inevitable dark marks that follow acne." Arbonne Revelage (Age Spot Brightening) Products. Feel free to message me on facebook if I can answer any questions for you: megan.e.pickrel @... Congratulations on getting through scabies. The worst part is over! Soon you will feel like new. And your skin can fully recover too. Cheers!
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hi megan i am victim of the scabies and i cant get rid of all of them nor the black marks are scars on my body...I would like to find out more info from you could you please hit me up at Thank u
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How are you now?
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