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Can a rib graft in my nose be removed?

  • cateloveskinerase
  • West
  • 4 years ago

I can't wear glasses because of the rib graft and do not want any more rib in my nose, ever. My bridge, in my opinion, was fine pre-operatively. Also, is it possible my bridge could have been shaved down to prepare it for the rib graft? Although the report doesn't say that, it's a fear I have because then I might need something on the bridge...but I don't want rib!

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I had rhinoplasty years ago and my nose was small and slim. Due to an accident a year ago, a nostril was injured, my tip was tilting and my breathing was limited. I had revision rhinoplasty 9 months ago during which cartilage grafts were placed on the sides of my nose. Now my nose is far too wide and the cartilage grafts are collapsed and preventing almost all breathing. Since the grafts made my nose too wide and are blocking breathing, would it be advisable to have them removed to allow my nose to return to its original size?

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