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Rhynoplasty Dr Recommended in Egypt?

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  • 2 years ago

plz am going to do a surgery with dr hosam fouda in egypt am wondering if anybody knows him and if he is an expert dr and trusted one, its my first surgery and i hope it will be the last one am so confused and afraid, and plz if there is any other recommended dr plz tell me,

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to be honest ,, ma nose is wide and the bones needed to narrowed but the Dr didn't make a good job regarding this ...but i think he would be good in only 2 things , raising tip and remove dorsal hump ,, so if this is the only problem for u he " might " be good ...... also the problem with him not the bad result but it 's the result is insignificant ... the last thing i hope that my nose is suffering from swelling and this is not the bad result,, u pray 4 me
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i performed mine 1 month upset and depressed :( ,, my expectations were v. high.. and the results is v.disappointed about 5 %.. the surgery is painful, he doesn't give painkiller ,he is pricey..and after all i found a minor change... so my advice go outside never ever make it in Egypt.. u want it to be ur 1st and last one so go to any board certified dr ,, it 'lln't cost u much more,, dont make my mistake..hope u z best
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Hi there! I would recommend contacting whatever board in Egypt that certifies plastic surgeons and asking for a list of their board certified doctors. Ask your prospective surgeons many questions and make sure he or she has done lots of rhinoplasties in the past.

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