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Rhinoplasty, A bit depressed with the outcome thus far...A bit of a pig-nose, upturned tip..Has the tip gone down for anyone?

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  • 1 year ago

I am really concern because I went in wanting the huge bump that I had removed and I wanted just a little bit of narrowing from my bridge. I was a bit nervous when my splint was on but when they took it off...I was disappointed and I been depressed from that moment on. My doctor keeps telling me that my nose will go down a bit when the swelling goes down.   I was wondering if anyone that had rhinoplasty like myself, have your tip gone down after having an upturned, pig like nose? If it has please could you tell me approximately how long it took? The photo I posted are only two weeks post op. I think I am at a point that I wish I could go back to my old nose, because essentially I feel like my self-esteem has plummeted. I dont even feel like even smiling.   Please any advice would truly be appreciated! Thanks 

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Hi. Did you have any improvements over time?
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I am going through the same thing. I thought the upturned nose issue was because i had the cast/splint on, but when it came off i was horrified): i went in with the intention of getting the bump on my nose removed ONLY, no lifting of the nose or anything else. I am on my second day after having the splint removed and i am depressed. I wish i would have never done this. I never had a problem with the length of my nose. You are now about 1 month post op. How are your results. Has the tip dropped a bit. I need reassurance): i am very sad i feel like a combination of the whos from whoville, ms piggy, and michael jackson. My nose looks small upturned and no shape. I really am hoping its the swelling. Please let me know who your results are going. I hope your nose gets better, i hope mine does too.
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Without being able to see the context of the rest of your face, I think your nose looks adorable! When I first got my rhino I thought I looked ridiculous and that the space between my nose and upper lip was HUGE. But that's just because my nose had pointed down so much before. I think that's what you're probably going through. It's a bit of an adjustment at first, and tip will most likely drop a little, but you look really nice now. And I mean that.

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I truly thank you...soooo much!! Its so traumatic...I have read several articles and they say that most people get depressed after Rhinoplasty..It's one of the most difficult surgery because it directly deals with your appearance...I know we live in a vain world, and when I first saw my nose taped up and in the splint I thought/felt that God was punishing me for being so vain. I guess we are our own worst critic, and we will see all our imperfections...

I decided not to worry so much because I had the tape, when they took it off last week on Tuesday...I was in a state of shock. My boyfriend and friends told me that it looked good but I just really couldn't trust them since they care for me...I dont think they would have the heart to actually tell me otherwise. I know that I have had this nose for 26years of my life and like someone said my brain is not used to processing this new one and recognizing it as my own.

I am starting to like my profile view. I just dont really like my front view...Rhinoplasty is a waiting game, and I guess I wanted instant gratification. I have no choice to be patient and wait.

I am at work right now, and I have to admit my co-workers have been very supportive! So that's good...They just say that I am swollen but they see a difference.
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hello. we had the same case but i think your nose looks nice. im on my 11th day post op and the tip of my nose looks like the image you have posted on the quite concerned if it will really drop a bit. i hope you will get the result that you want.
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