Rhinoplasty, A bit depressed with the outcome thus far...A bit of a pig-nose, upturned tip..Has the tip gone down for anyone?

  • Upturned Nose
  • 2 years ago

I am really concern because I went in wanting the huge bump that I had removed and I wanted just a little bit of narrowing from my bridge. I was a bit nervous when my splint was on but when they took it off...I was disappointed and I been depressed from that moment on. My doctor keeps telling me that my nose will go down a bit when the swelling goes down.   I was wondering if anyone that had rhinoplasty like myself, have your tip gone down after having an upturned, pig like nose? If it has please could you tell me approximately how long it took? The photo I posted are only two weeks post op. I think I am at a point that I wish I could go back to my old nose, because essentially I feel like my self-esteem has plummeted. I dont even feel like even smiling.   Please any advice would truly be appreciated! Thanks