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Worried about Empty Nose Syndrome after rhinoplasty/turbinectomy

  • Hal2.0
  • Newport Coast, Ca
  • 4 years ago

I am having trouble decideing if I should go forward with a turbinectomy. I went in wanting only rhinoplasty but my PS then discovered I need a turbinectomy. I have been reading some very scary posting about it. Can anyone share their story about their turbinectomy?

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Yes, my turbinates (along with shoddy nasal work) were stripped, and have left me with ENS brething resistance syndrome. I experience everything from hair loss (from the itchy & dry skin) to headaches to dizzy to excess sweating to concentrational issues. The doctor even sent me a refund without my asking. Do NOT let these doctors or their self promotional sites fool you into thinking you are crazy or that none of these dire consequences can occur from agressive, unecessary or inapprpriate surgeries, because they can and MORE attention NEEDS to be brought to it.