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Rhinoplasty Tri-State Area Help Me Out!

  • DayDolly86
  • New York, NY
  • 3 years ago

Hi Everyone.. I'm ready to take a big step and finally get my nose done. It completely throws off my profile and doesn't look good in photos. I am looking for a affordable surgeon with realistic results. Anyone have any suggestions? I want to get the show on the road... I eagerly await your replies! Lol thanks in advance

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You can check out my doctor. He is NY, kind of right smack in the middle of the tri state area; about an hour north of the NYC. I am personally VERY happy with my results, but you can decide for yourself. I have some before and after pictures on my profile. I also found that he was an average of $3,000 less than all the other surgeons I went on consults with.
If you click on his name at the bottom of the review, you can also see some other patients he has done. Lots of luck and make sure you pick someone who specializes in rhinoplasty!

Which tri-state area are you referring to? :) If it's NY-NJ-CT, you might want to check out our local list of doctors who do rhinoplasties here. Please do look for someone who specializes in rhinoplasty. I can't stress this enough. It's a very intricate, difficult procedure, and you want someone who's done many of them.

Here's what some other plastic surgeons have to say about a few doctors in New York

Hope this helps!