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a US rhinoplasty surgeon worth travelling for?

  • KateLondon
  • London, UK
  • 3 years ago

Hi, I'm desperate for a recommendation. Everywhere, everyone keeps repeating how important recommendations are but when a question like this pops up, everyone's reluctant to give names. I don't have friends or family who are plastic op- savvy, dont know anyone who's had it done. I'm looking for a doctor who is a true artist in his trade. The price doesnt pay a big part in my decision. I heard Miami, NYC and LA have doctors with the prettiest looking faces (not just noses) in their final result. Is this true? I have spent weeks looking through this forum but what I notice is everyone seems to concentrate on the nose itself and the profile look. I'm eager to improve the en face appearance first and foremost. My nose isnt hugely deformed but has quite a lot of irregularities that spoil the whole look.   Please, I'm willing to travel and pay- I just need to be sure I'm seeing the right guy. I would be HUGELY grateful for surnames of country- renowned surgeons

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Hi Kate,

Have you filtered through our Rhinoplasty review community? That's a great place to start. There you'll find both unsatisfied and thrilled folks who've had rhinoplasties. After reading some reviews, you'll start to notice certain doctors popping up a lot with satisfied patients. When you find someone with a positive review, you can also click on the doctor's name to learn more about him or her. Have you considered looking in London? Staying close to home is important for several reasons. One is that you'll have access to follow up care from your plastic surgeon. If you travel far away for surgery and end up with any sort of complications, you'll find surgeons in London then reluctant to treat you since they didn't operate on you in the first place.

You might also want to consider posting the beginnings of your story in our Rhinoplasty Review Community. You could find some RealSelf users there who will offer you guidance as well.