Rhinoplasty surgeon reccomendations?

  • justaperson
  • 3 years ago

I have a stereotypical asian nose. Flat, big, wide, thick, and maybe lacking some cartilage in the middle of the nose. I don't think I have saddle nose syndrome though. I've had 3 surgeries on it before for 2 nose infections, and one to make it look better (still doesn't look that great), and I'm looking for another nose job to perfect it. So any reccomendations for a rhinoplasty surgeon in the Alberta area or B.C, that maybe specializes with asian noses?

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Hi there,

You might want to check out this post on asian rhinoplasty for more info. And, though it's been a while since this user has been on the site, you might want to contact NurseB, who had rhinoplasty in Vancouver and seems, in the end, pretty happy with her results.