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Rhinoplasty surgeon in Atlanta

  • nosejobatlanta
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I've wanted a nose job for a very long time, but I'm really nervous to finally take the step to book a surgery. I've met with several surgeons in Atlanta already. It's really difficult to determine which doctor would be best. I could choose the right one and be really happy, or choose a doctor whose results I'm really unhappy with, which would be a nightmare for me. Many of them seem really reputable, but it's difficult to know who is most likely to give me results I'd be happy with. Does anyone have experience with any of the following doctors? They are the ones I have narrowed things down to: -Dr. William Silver (Atlanta, closed rhino, many years of experience, specializes in facial plastics, most expensive) -Dr. Brian Maloney (Atlanta, closed rhino, specializes in facial plastics) -Dr. Farzad Nahai (Atlanta, open rhino, doesn't just specialize in facial plastics but has done several rhinos, least expensive) Any feedback about these doctors would be appreciated, particularly regarding rhinoplasty. If you have other doctors around the Atlanta area to suggest, please feel free to send their names my way. Thank you!

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I can't believe it was 3 years ago that I posted this. 3 years later, and I still have not had the surgery, but I FINALLY set up an appointment to get it done. After literally years of research and countless consultations with various doctors, I have chosen to do my surgery with Dr. Farzad Nahai. I am as confident as can be that he is the right surgeon for me, particularly after talking to a few of his previous patients who were very happy with him and his results.
which doctor did you end up with?are you happy with your results?

Check out this link to Atlanta doctors who perform rhinoplasty to see other options. It sounds like you're doing your research, keep going and please consider posting your story (even starting now) in our rhinoplasty review community.

Looking forward to further following your journey!