who is the best rhinoplasty specialist in Jordan (Amman)?

  • limitless2011
  • amman, Jordan
  • 3 years ago

Hello, Please let me know who is the best rhinoplasty specialist in Jordan? I am a male and i want to remove the hump but keep my profile straight (NOT UPTURNED) and keep it as natural as possible with a 90 degree tip. I have seen some before and after results of some of the doctors in jordan but unfortunatily many seem to raise the tip too much (they consider it a sign of beauty) i do not want a raised TIP,,, just straigh bridge with 90 degree natural tip. I just need to fix the profile mainly since im OK with the front (i would like to keep the front the same but i also don't mind small change of it, as long as it keeps the same style).   Please help