Best Rhinoplasty/Revision Surgeons

  • Sid999
  • 2 years ago

Hi, i am new to this site, always read through but now actually signed up. My situation is as follows - I have had 3 previous rhinoplasties, the last one was about 8 years ago. I am from the UK, my first two were in the UK my third was in the USA. As with many people on this site, all promised, but none delivered. To be honest, it was party my fault, i did not see any before and after photo's of any of the surgeons and literally took their word for everything. Its been a struggle coping the last 8 years in depression, not meeting people, not wanting to go out. All i want is a normal life, not looking for perfection. Just want a normal nose, where there is no attention to it, no-one says anything good or bad about it. The last few years i have been waiting for the surgeon/'s to see who can deliver. I have reviewed every single website/forum, surgeons gallery on the earth and i have narrowed it down to three surgeons who i believe have the best before and after galleries on here. Dr Ghavami Dr Motyki Dr Rizk   Everyone has different opinions and different tastes but these three doctors have seemingly done what is impossible do to from what i have seen on other galleries, that is improve the frontal view. Every doctor says, they can improve it, narrow etc, yet when i have seen their galleries i often see it worse then before. Those three doctors are the only ones who i have seen have a great gallery with frontal views. The only worry is, Dr G and Dr M seem to have only 5-10 years experience each, which is a worry for revision rhinoplasty patients such as me. Dr R charges a high price which is another worry. I have been quoted 25k from Dr R, 12k from Dr M and i am going to have a consult with Dr G soon to find out his price. The question has been asked before many times, has anyone had a consult or rhino with Dr G or Dr M before?