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Please Help Me Decide the Best Surgeon for my 4th Rhinoplasty Revision

  • ASIAN40
  • NC
  • 3 years ago

I had 4 horrible Rhinoplasty, 3 of them are revisions using ear cartlidge performed by the same doctor in Beverly Hills!!! Now I'm looking for somebody who specializes in ASIAN NOSE BRIDGE/TIP. My nose was flat and has no bridge. Now I have an ugly brige/crooked looking nose. I'm very depressed...

I'm VERY depressed after gone through THREE Rhinoplasty including the revisions with the same doctor in Beverly Hills, but ALL THREE have been horrible. I'm now desperately looking for a Rhinoplasty Revision Specialist and Paranasal Surgeon in the U.S. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) Dean Toriumi (Chicago) 2.) J. Regan Thomas (Chicago) 3.) Jack Gunter (Texas) 4.) Toby Mayer (Beverly Hills) _______________________________ The above are my preliminary picks for my 4th revision. The surgeons above are in random order. PLEASE HELP ME...