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Please Help Me Decide the Best Surgeon for my 4th Rhinoplasty Revision

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  • 3 years ago

I had 4 horrible Rhinoplasty, 3 of them are revisions using ear cartlidge performed by the same doctor in Beverly Hills!!! Now I'm looking for somebody who specializes in ASIAN NOSE BRIDGE/TIP. My nose was flat and has no bridge. Now I have an ugly brige/crooked looking nose. I'm very depressed...

I'm VERY depressed after gone through THREE Rhinoplasty including the revisions with the same doctor in Beverly Hills, but ALL THREE have been horrible. I'm now desperately looking for a Rhinoplasty Revision Specialist and Paranasal Surgeon in the U.S. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) Dean Toriumi (Chicago) 2.) J. Regan Thomas (Chicago) 3.) Jack Gunter (Texas) 4.) Toby Mayer (Beverly Hills) _______________________________ The above are my preliminary picks for my 4th revision. The surgeons above are in random order. PLEASE HELP ME...

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"Go to Toriumi"? Yes, pay a small fortune to have an exceptionally arrogant jerk impose his dodgy aesthetics on your face and good luck if you want him to revise his own work!
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Go to Dr. Toriumi. Don't go to Dr. Gunter. Dr. Gunter was my second nose job. It wasn't right. I finally went to Toriumi and after 18 years I was finally able put this behind me. My nose is good now. He is your guy. I have got to send him a thank you card. I am so appreciative of what he did.
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LeeB23 are you female or male, what did you have done? Do you have pics? I Also think Dr T is the best at revisions. You can email me *******@***.net
Hi, I will be having my 3rd rhinoplasty :( My first was by an older Dr. when I was 19 and naïve, my 2nd was by a surgeon my friend used...and he was very bad. I am seeking a good referral...I did a consult with David Becker...I didn't care for him. I did a consult with Steven Denenberg in Omaha and I liked him...and I wonder why I never hear him listed in anyone's top 5 picks. I will be scheduling a consult with Toriumi..but the big/wide nose reputation scares me to death. I also am considering Dr Gary Motykie in Cali...but idk....I'm just scared to death....sometimes I wonder if its best to leave well enough along :( It could be worse.... Thoughts?
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Me again...and I had a consult with Guyuron about 10 years ago and didn't chose him...wasn't comfortable... In hind site, I wonder if I should have chosen him...but I can say if he is 70 that is far too old and I wont be choosing anyone that old to operate. I am an OR nurse and while we have a 70 y.o. surgeon who is amazing...I still wouldn't use them as the primary surgeon in the room...maybe as a secondary surgeon
I am a nurse in aesthetic dermatology and have seen several of Dr. Guyuron's nightmares. Don't go to him!
See unjust want comfortable with Guyuron...I consulted with him over 10 years ago and he was in 60's then! I'd definitely not go to a doctor in their 70's!!! Period!! Thanks for your opinion! Truly truly appreciated!!
Good grief...sorry typing errors! I meant to say I just wasn't comfortable with guyuron years ago....there was something about him. Even though I've seen and heard some good (and bad) things about him but he's definitely off my list now due to old age!!!
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Hi Grace, I have flown to Baltimore and seen Dr. Le, I have gone to Chicago to see Toriumi and I have seen Paul Nassif in Seattle as well as Dr. Warren in Vancouver. And also Dr. Grigoryants. I am pretty sold on Dr. Grigoryants.
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Have you had your surgery yet? I am interested in dr. Grigoryants as well
Gosh! This is so confusing and scary! I am considering Thomas T. Le, I have checked Dr. Boahene's web and only found one for no se augmentation, Dr. Thomas has done various, because he works mainly on asian noses and Dr. Nassif I am not sure but I like most of his pictured and he has many no se jobs behind him. The doybt is,,, how real are they? I really really want this to be my last INE; it would also be my third! Has anyone el se seen Toriumi?
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Hi does anyone know about a rhinoplasty specialist in nose augmentation? I´ve had 2 rhinos and with the first one de Dr. cut my tip (entirely!!) I have no projection at all. On top of that he blamed the results on my body (yes.....). Then I had revision with another surgeon and I know he tried dearly but my nose looks awful! I was thinking Dr. Paul Nassif in Beverly Hills. Does anyone have a comment or other sugestions? Thankssss!!
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Dean Toriumi is famous for making big noses. I myself need augmentation too. I'm considering a doctor in Maryland. His name is Kofi Boahene
I also considering Dr T He is probably the most experienced and talented revision Dr out there.
Dean toriumi was your doctor for the two first? Sorry to ask you that coz I am thinking to go to see him for my 3rd revision.
no Dr Davis in Miami was my 2nd, but I think I need a more projected nose higer bridge my davis nose is very small. There are not very many Drs that know how to correctly augment the bridge.
Thank you all for your sugesstions! it´s soooo confusing and I am so unsure as it would be my 3rd intervention and I really really just want it to be my last one. I never heard of Dean Toriumi. I will check him out. did you go to him yet? Can I ask you if your nose is naturally "short" or as a consequence of surgery...
angy 90, did you to see Touriumi?
I have not seen Touriumi but have gotten him off my list of surgeons to visit after hearing MANY horror stories about him. Look into Kofi Boahene he specializes in ethic rhinoplasty. Thomas Le is also in the same are as Boahene and is worth a short. They are both FACIAL plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Don't go to a plastic surgeon for a nose revision. Make sure they specialize in the face. If you are interested in Boahene send him an e-mail. He answers it himself. It's in his website
Hi RozeRoze, Thank you for your quick reply, I was just thinking about ethnic rinoplasty doctors! so it´s good you mention it :) That´s one of the reasons I was thinking of going to dr. Paul Nassif in Beverly Hills... ok, I will check them out. You´ve gone to see them it seems...? how do you feel about them? Thanx!!
I was going to see dr. Nassif but don't like his way of augmenting the nose. He cut cartilage up and makes it into a "burrito" and slide it on your dorsum.... Dr. Le and Boahene actually carve out the cartilage and add it to your bridge.
Thanks. I have e-mailes Dr. Boahene.... let´s see from here.... Best of luck! and please if you want you can PM me once you know who you´re going with.
I have not seen them in person but have done a lot of research and have it down to those. If you are in the California area I would consider seeing dr. Andrew Frankel. I'm going to see Boahene and Le in late August (that will be my 8 month mark which is appropriate to start consulting. Otherwise they won't know what your nose looks like. Didn't want to make the trip in vain. I'm traveling from Texas to Maryland