Rhinoplasty Revision Specialist in Montreal, Quebec?

  • Chemenger4000 in Montreal
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • 2 years ago

Hello. I am searching for a revision rhinoplasty specialist in the Montreal, Quebec region. I am a male and have very thick skin and scar tissue has become a problem. After 3 rhinoplasties already with the same surgeon (a general plastic surgeon), I would like to consult with another doctor. Please, any suggestions with the names of good rhinoplasty doctors/specialists in Montreal would be much appreciated. Thank you very much for your time!

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Hi there,

Another RealSelf member just asked the same question. You can go here to read my response.

Also, here is a list of doctors in Montreal who do revision rhinoplasty (which doesn't mean they specialize in it, so ask about that.)

Good luck and please let us know who you find.

Hi Angiemcc,

Thanks for the response. I have been looking into a few doctors but I can only choose one. This will be my 4th rhinoplasty and it must be the last. I can't go through this anymore after that. I need to pick the right doctor here in Montreal. There is no more room for error.

I have been reading some reviews on RateMDs.com for some of those surgeons, but am wondering if those reviews can be trusted. I was thinking of consulting with Dr. Mark Samaha since he really specializes in facial plastic surgery.

I feel as though my desired result can be achieved, but only if I choose a skilled doctor. But after 3 surgeries already, I just don't know how I can put my trust in another doctor.

Any opinions, thoughts anyone? My first doctor wants to go in one more time, but after 3 surgeries that were not successful, I can't risk it again. Even though he will only charge me 400$ (OR fee) for a 3rd revision. I feel as though it may be better to pay more and go with another surgeon.

Anyways thanks for listening and for your opinions/ recommendations. Have a good day.

I agree to seek out some new opinions. You might have an anatomy that makes certain results very difficult if not impossible to achieve. But then again, maybe a new doctor can give you what you desire. Do talk to other surgeons. It NEVER hurts to talk and ask questions.

Hello Dr Mark Samaha is one of the best, if anything is possible, he will make it happen, Wish you all the best