Rhinoplasty Question

  • nelly s
  • 3 years ago

Hey everyone. Im from Ireland and hoping to have rhinoplasty this year I have being doing a lot of research for over a year now and still a bit unsure on where to go I have had one consultation so far with the Harley Medical Group in Dublin and I have also had my GP refer me to Michael Earley who works in the mater hospital in dublin so when they get my GP letter they will call with a date for my consultation they told me though that I could be waiting 3-6 months to see him. So I would love to hear if anyone on this forum had rhinoplasty done with Michael Earley and were ye happy with the result or also any other places ye could recommend on where to go in Ireland Thanks

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Hi nelly & Angiemcc,

You should check out a site called lookyourbestuk.com, excellent info on rhinoplasty & quite a few Irish posters too.

I had a consult with Prof. Earley last week, want to go back to go through further details before deciding if I'll get the surgery with him or not.


Thanks, pablo!

ive had surgery with earley in 1992,was a revision rhino and he did a great job with multiple grafts and stitching.Had an accident years later and got 3 further jobs ,thats 5 now.Earley is the best nose man in ireland by most other docs opinion ut still nowwhere near those in the states for complex revisions.He is fairly conserative and has refused many a person if he didnt think they needed the op and can be fierce ignorant when it suits him,particularly when challenged or perceives too many questions being asked.Knowing what I do now id never have used him due to his personality but hes still a good surgeon.I was 19 yrs old and desperate at the time.

I searched for Dr. Earley on RealSelf and it turned up no matches. Most of the doctors listen on the site are in the U.S. though. I hope someone can give you some insight.