Has anyone had a rhinoplasty that made their nose too short and then got a revision to make it longer?

  • Rain11
  • 2 years ago

Is it worth it?

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Thanks Angie - i have heard of the cartilage grafts to make the nose appear longer.i had length and it was shortened and i love longer noses,like European noses such as Polish (me), Italian, etc. I have to make an appt. to see my dr. in August which Im nervous about because he is mad that i don't like my nose which i understand partly, because its his work and judgement that i'm denying. But its my face - i am hoping someone answers that had lenghthening done.
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Thanks for your post! The only way I've heard of to make a short nose longer is to use an  implant or cartilage graft. I've had my nose made slightly wider using a cartilage graft and it worked pretty well. Implants can have lots of complications. Maybe there's something your doctor can do with the bridge/tip to make your nose appear longer? Might be worth asking about...

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