Anyone Has Had Rhinoplasty in South Africa?

  • lily_b
  • 5 months ago

Anyone Heard of these doctors or had any experience with?Dr Swanepoel? Dr Saul Braun? prof Laurence Chiat ? Or any other recommendations please. I'm considering to have a secondary rhinoplasty and Dont mind traveling anywhere within South Africa. Would appreciate if someone could respond please or messages me about it.

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i just saw dr swanepoel yesterday for a consult to discuss a revision rhinoplasty (first rhinoplasty was done by another doctor) he told me it will cost R158 000….. it was strange as his website says that revision rhinoplasty costs around R65 000. I can't believe i wasted my time and money flying from durban to pretoria to basically be told that i have to pay an arm and a leg for a nose (haha, yes I'm joking about it but I wanna cry). Be sure to get a general idea of his pricing before flying around the country.
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