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Has anyone had Rhinoplasty done in Prague, and specifically by Domas Dolezal?

  • shouldidoit2
  • 4 months ago

So I am a 23 year old male, and have made my decision to have rhinoplasty done. I am uncomfortable with the size of my nose, and particularly the tip, which I find kind of droops down. I live in Ireland and there are no surgeons here that specialise in rhinoplasty, also none of them are board certified. The few surgeons that are in the country would charge alot more than in other European countries, enough so that would make travelling to another country, and staying in a hotel for two weeks worth it.Upon reviewing a number of foreign plastic surgeons the one that really sticks out on me would be Tomas Dolezal, in Prague. He is board certified, is a bit of celebratory surgeon over there also, as he has a television show, and has written books on rhinoplasty, additional to this I have been unable to locate any negative reviews about his work online, However the reviews online are very scarce. I am quite confident I want to go with this doctor, but am nervous about it and am wondering if there is anything else I should be looking for from my surgeon.  I would especially like to know if anyone has any experience with this doctor and if so what was their experience like. Also if there is anyone here who would have more experience with plastic surgeons, or what to look for would like to have a look at his site and see if there is anything that would raise concern i would also greatly appreciate it.  I have attached a couple photos of myself as well in case any of you are curious. Thanks in advance :)

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