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Rhinoplasty in Peru or Brazil

  • Elaine2020
  • 2 years ago

I am planning a Rhino surgery this June, in either Peru (Lima) or Brazil (Sao Paulo or Rio). 1) has any one had a Rhino in these countries? If so, pls share your experience & doctor. 2) So far the doctors I am considering are: Cesar Morillas (Peru), Kirschaum clinic (Peru),  Jorge Bisbal (Peru), and Johnny Pita (Peru)... Any personal stories about these doctors will be greatly appreciated. 

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I'm looking for the same! And before anyone starts that why would u go out of the country b.s. do people really think that americans invented plastic surgery? that if u live in another country u r nt physically capable of producing good results?

Hi Jaylan,

I think it has more to do with it being harder to interview qualified doctors, knowing the situation into which you are entering, because you're booking from afar, and aftercare. If something happens and you return to the US, it'll be really hard to find a PS who will want to treat your complications. That said, lots of people do the medical tourism thing successfully. You just have to really, really do your homework.