Rhinoplasty in March - left with an indentation on the left side of my nose

  • butterflymarie
  • Boston, Ma
  • 1 year ago

I had Rhinoplasty in March to remove the hump from my nose, and now one side looks very different than the other. The right side of my nose looks perfect. The left side has an indentation making my face appear flat from that side, and my nose/face appear longer. II do not have the money for a revision, but I have heard many things about using fillers to help with indentations after Rhinoplasty.  Can any doctors give me advice on whether fillers can help with this? What are the risks? Will you be able to see the filler given my nose is "new"? What about permanent fillers? 

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I decided to go ahead with Restylane to fill the indentations in my nose today. I had previously had a horror experience under my eyes, but this is a different area, and I went with an experienced surgeon who performs many non surgical nose jobs. I literally just got it done two hours ago and I am writing from work. Overall it was great experience. I am a little swollen but no one even noticed. I will update more in a few days to make sure all stays well, but right now I am THRILLED.

Thanks for your forum post! I would recommend posting this (with a photo, very important) to doctors in the Q&A community to get their feedback.