Has anyone gotten rhinoplasty by an ENT doctor who's board certified in plastic surgery?

  • AbsLove07
  • Portland, ME
  • 3 years ago

Getting my nose done November 1st and looking to see if anyone has had positive experiences with an ENT doctor (who's certified to perform facial reconstruction surgery)

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Yes I did 2 weeks ago in bev hills w doctor binder. I was referred to him from dr Parker in las Vegas. Binder is facial surgeon n ent n amazing. I had turbinates, septo, rhino, my rt valve wS collapsed, . I'm only two weeks post op n I love my new nose so much. It's Perfectly straight, cute button nose look, both nostrils open now ( one wS totally slanted) if u need interior not jus cosmetic u need ent surgeon as well. I recommend someone like my dr that only does faces n noses are his number one specialty
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I also agree with randigrl1* I like the extremely thorough. My dr was that was as well. I was there my surgery day, then next day to remove osvking clean n check everything, then day 7 to remove cast n day
10 to check n clean it again ... N I go bk again in few weeks. Her experience sounds llike my experience with fast healing, great results n thorough dr. :)
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I just had rhinoplasty/septoplasy/turbinectomy on April 5th with Dr. Steven Pearlman in NYC. He is a practicing facial plastic surgeon who is also a board certified ENT. I was originally only going to have the medical issues with my nose fixed by my ENT but when I realized the recovery from that would be pretty rough itself I decided I might as well fix the appearance of it while I was at it. That's when I decided to go with Dr. Pearlman. There is something very comforting about a doctor who is an expert in all areas of your procedure. If you require any "repair" work to the nose in addition to the cosmetic part I would recommend this route. I am 13 days post-op today and I have already had 3 follow up appointments and I am healing VERY quickly. He is thorough, his work is amazing and his confidence is comforting. Best of luck to you!
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A friend of mine did in Delaware and her nose turned out beautifully. She also had some issues that required an ENT (broken nose, deviated septum, tumor in sinus) but still wanted changes to the tip. He did not do computer imaging which worried her but thankfully he did an awesome job!
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Here is what some doctors have to say about choosing an ENT versus a plastic surgeon. Hope this helps!

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