Rhinoplasty How to Deal with Telling People? What People Will Think?

  • altoids
  • 2 years ago

hello recently i had rhinoplasty and its a major change on my nose has i had a big hump removed and going from a convex nose to a concave you can really see the difference, this may sound like a stupid question, but to me its not i was wondering how people coped with telling other people about their procedure, its really awkward i believe and i feel embarrassed about what they are going to think and say, the anxiety really builds when i even think about seeing someone that doesn't know.

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Oh i see, its too feminine for your liking. You should be able to get it revised into something more masculine. I'm sorry your surgeon overdid it.
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yeah but how can you not notice a big bump, had had sorta a hawk nose, now its more up turned, and smooth there is no definition on the bridge it looks too smooth and thin for a male i beleive.
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I would say to wait and see what happens. I felt that my nose look drastically different and almost no one noticed! I was miffed and relieved all at once.

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