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Revitalizing the "Tramp Stamp"

  • 4 months ago

For the most part, society has deemed lower-back tattoos trashy. We've done it so much in popular media that some women are feeling pressure to get their "tramp stamps" removed.  Now there's a new term on the rise: "skank flank", which is the unflattering name given to ribcage ink. 

Some of our RealSelf users in the Tattoo Removal community know this feeling all to well, check out  PAskincarejunkie's review "Not only did I get a boob tattoo on my 18th birthday, I followed it up with a tramp stamp! oh 2000's, how you affected me so!"

I know what you're thinking: While some tramp stamps may be seen as distasteful, some are beautiful.

Big no no...


In my opinion, the small of a woman's back is a beautiful part of the body. It’s smooth, it twists as you move, and it’s the core that supports the rest of the body. Unfortunately because of these derogatory terms many women who may have wanted to get a lower-back tattoo will decide against it for fear of pop culture's public disdain.

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It bothers me to think that someone would not get tattooed on a certain part of her body just because of the social stigma associated with it. It won't be long before we run out of body parts to slam, which turn your once proud tattoo into major #tattooregret.  

What are your thoughts on the tramp stamp? Should women stop getting them?