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Re: Revisional surgery for brow lift and eyelids worth it?

  • 4 years ago

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I had a brow lift when I was 29. I wanted to change the angle of my brows slightly. I wanted the outside raised, but instead the inner points were raised and are crooked. There was nerve damage so the top of my head is numb. The scar is about 1/8 of an inch wide. My hair is dark and it takes a lot of effort everyday to hide scar, but people ask me about it all the time. The doctor also cut the muscles between my brows. he did not tell me he was going to do this. He said "now you won't get those vertical lines between you brows." No vertical lines, but deep horizontal lines with a bulge in the center. My eyebrows where the scar tissue is are balding. My question is: can I get the scar on my head fixed without cutting into the muscle? can the scar tissue under my brows be removed and if so will my brows grow back?
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I wish I lived in Colorado . I would see Dr. Shah ,he impressed me with his honesty Im an RN for over 40 yrs he seems to be someone I could trust , he knows his limitations . I like that .I have a few issues and not enough time today to go into post eye and face lift . Thank you for being honest .Maybe Ill make it to Colorado someday I thought you were from Englewood Cal
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