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Revision Surgery, need help!

  • Pak_13
  • Canada
  • 2 years ago

I had my first rhinoplasty done about 5 years ago and I was extremely unhappy with the results. I have recently gone to see two top nose surgeons in Toronto for consults and I am stuck between the two. One of them I love the imaging he did on frontal view but he told me himself that the outcome may be not as realistic. The second surgeon I do not like his imaging at all, But on his site I like his noses a bit more (the before and after pictures) and during the consult he spent a bit more time with me and went over everything in great detail. I am from out of town so I am trying to email them both my questions and concerns. I am stuck between the two doctors based on the reasons above. I need my nose straightened, an alar base reduction and the tips worked on along with some breathing issues fixed. Possibly and alar rim graft in one nostril as well. For those of you that have had open rhinoplasty and their nostrils done, how did they turn out and is the scarring bad? And if you have had imaging done, how close is the frontal view image from the actual results. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.