Revision Rhinoplasty

  • Qatari90
  • 1 year ago

I had a plastic surgery that turned out to be total failure, The dr lifted the tip of my nose without me asking. now the holes of my nose look different as they did before but it wasn't recognizable. one looks smaller than the other, PLUS there's no definition. I'm from Qatar coming to LA and NYC and I want to meet a good dr that would help my case and give me a "normal" looking nose, not fake. A dr that has experiences with different ethnicities. Arabs have different noses than white ppl.

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Hi there - do you have any docyor in mind? Check out dr Eric Joseph. He got many good reviews and he does revision. I was going to consult him for my revision but he's too far from where I live. Good luck.
I'm going to consult with John Diaz and Andrew Franklen and Raja Srour. If you have any comments about them please let me know :( I want the best results and the most "natural" looking nose.