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I had my first rhinoplasty approximately 20 months ago. I'm very unsatisfied with my results. What is recommended for a revision? I only want to do this one more time and I want the correct surgeon. Are there any red flags I should look out for when looking for a surgeon?        

I am unsatisfied with my tip (I attached a photo of it because I can't find the words to describe it) and it appears that my nose is asymmetrical (the left nostril looks bigger than the right one). I also have a raised bump on the right side of my nostril. I saw one surgeon and he said I would need to have cartilage put into my left nostril, he stated that I won't have a perfectly symmetrical nose (which is okay with my own realistic expectations). He also said that he believes the surgeon who did my primary rhinoplasty used a graft (which I was never informed about). I had a bump on my nose and the tip drooped before I had my primary rhinoplasty.

I was really impressed by his honesty and his secretary said that I should gather other professional opinions before I undergo the procedure. I'm starting to feel like I'm not a candidate for a revision. Is my nose fixable?

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Hi, JJJJ. Dr. Kotler, from DR 90210 here. We have operated on two patients with identical situations, recently. Most likely a cartilage graft is sitting within the columella ( " lttle column" that separates the two nostrils). There is more cartilage there than needed and the only remedy is to remove some. Not a major undertaking. Can even be done via the " closed rhinoplasty" approach. If one nostril's upper edge is too high, it can be lowered, possible using non-surgical techniques that yield a permanent result. Check that out, too. You can be helped so do not despair. You might want to read mty book, SECRETS OF A BEVERLY HILLS COSMETIC SURGEON. It can help you understand the process of having revision surgery. Best wishes. Robert Kotler, MD, FACS Beverly Hills, CA
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Thanks for posting on RealSelf! From this angle your nose looks very nice, though I do see what you're saying about your columnella. It looks almost pointy.

Here's what some doctors say about choosing a great revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

Look for someone who specializes in revisions if you can.

Good luck and please keep us posted!

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