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Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

  • tcl0303
  • East Peoria, IL
  • 10 months ago

Hi, I am writing to ask about Dr. Raja K. Srour in Beverly Hills. I want to know if anyone has heard anything about him as a surgeon (PMs are great if you don't want your response to show up on the forums!) because I'm considering him for a rhinoplasty. I think that he has some great photos online, but I don't see any reviews about him online. Should I assume that no reviews are good reviews? I've already had two rhinoplasties and I'm scared to do a third! Please help me (and thank you!)!

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No reviews may be a good thing. No one is unhappy (they review right away!) and he isn't paying anyone to write reviews so you know he has integrity
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thank you! It actually turned out to be amazing!! I'm so glad I went to Dr. Srour!! My swollen nose is sooo much better than my old one; I don't even care that it's not done going down!! I really recommend him.
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Please? Anyone?
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Have you heard from anyone? It is so frustrating that only certain key names come up over and over again and you don't know what other surgeons are out there that would be great to consult with....
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No!! Not at all!! I keep hoping that someone will pop up, but I'm only 2 days away, and so far, no luck!! Scary!! I'm totally freaking out!
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