Revision rhinoplasty for severe over rotation...can this be fixed? How difficult is the surgery, aprox cost?

  • Kiki03
  • 1 year ago

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Hi there,

I see that you posted this in the doctor Q&A community, too. I'm glad you did that as they'll be able to answer you from a medical perspective. From a complete layman, it looks like you needs a graft or cartilage to build your nose back up again (I had something similar done with ear cartilage). Costs will range from region to region and doctor to doctor. Have you been on any consultations yet? When you do, be sure to choose surgeons very experienced rhinoplasty revisions, as these are considered some of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries to perform.

Here's how doctors responded to another RS member asking about a too-upturned nose.

Please keep us posted! And if you don't hear back from doctors in the next few days please PM me.