Revision Rhinoplasty -Dr Davies, Dr Ghavami, Dr Grigoryants, Dr Motykie or Dr Denenberg?

  • Ackelin
  • 1 year ago

Hi everyone I'm looking at travelling from Australia for a for a revision rhinoplasty in the US. Anyone have anything to share about any of these doctors - good or bad? I'd love to hear from any of their former rhinoplasty patients (primary or revision). Or if you have any other doctors you think I should consider I'm happy to take suggestions :) Thanks so much!

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Hi did y end up picking a dr?
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No not yet. I have a consult with Dr Davis soon. Feel free to check in for an update in a couple of months and I'll let you know where I'm at :)
Did you end up picking a plastic surgeon? I'm in the same situation as you.
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Not yet. I'm leaning towards Dr Davis but hope to fly over later this year to meet with him and a few other doctors. What doctors are you looking into? I'm happy to share my research with you if you like. PM me if you're interested :)
Be very careful with him. That's all I will say and nothing more. Do very very deep research and find his unhappy patients that are willing to share pictures. I have found many.
I meant to say Davis.
Definitely definitely Dr Grigoryants, seen many people I know get very natural looking noses from him, plus where he's located is like the #1 nose job area in all of LA, definitely something done very very commonly there, you won't regret it
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Thanks for your feedback. Any chance any of the people you know would be willing to talk to me about their experience or share pics? Thanks again!
I had it exactly 12 yrs ago. Hard to believe it has been that loong! I sent u a pm.
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I had my primary nose job with dr. Steven Denenberg. He was an out of town surgeon but I was willing to travel to Omaha bec I thought he was worth it. This is bec his b/a photos were amazing. Well, unfortunately I was very unhappy w my results. My nose was narrow inthe front and just needed hump removal. Nose got wide and tip uneven just a mess. Now seeking a revision. I just couldnt believe how terrible he was. So, my advice dont go to him. Good luck.
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Thanks so much for your feedback and sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. How long ago was your primary? Which doctors have you been looking at for your revision? Any suggestions? Hope we both find a good doctor soon!