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Has Anyone Had Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Aslani Spain?

  • theredzer
  • 1 year ago

Considering having revision work with him but I'm not sure he actually specializes in rhinoplasty. I seem to find more on BBL for him....Can anyone advise? If they had there nose done or can tell me from surgical perspective what or how skilled he is. Thanks all

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Hallo, I am looking for a best Revision Rhinoplasty surgeon in Europe? Has somebody experinced and has an idea? Thanks!
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He is known for his Brazilian butt lifts and this is why most you will find here is on the topic.
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I think that most info you will find on dr.aslani is around BBL or fat transfer because that what he specializes in.His rhinoplasty gallery looks great, but I guess most users of this forum will look into fat transfer, be it BBL or breast
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Hey I am going to dr. Aslani this april for BBL. though I made a big research about him. I found on spanish forums a lot of positive things regarding his nosejobs. + dr. Aslani is from Iranian origin, his dad was a plastic surgeon as well, I've heard that in Iran they do the best nosejobs, because it is so common there. His before and after pics for nosejobs are amazing in my opinion. Always when I try to find a doctor I look at the noses, because it tells you if they are able to work precise. Good luck with your research.
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