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Looking for a revision specialist in CA. However, there is a very high chance I will just live with it. In October 2009 I had a hump in my nose removed. It was overcorrected and I then had a piece of cartilage placed in it the next year. Now, I have a very small cartilage bump, almost like a wort.

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Hi there Canada,

I'm wondering if you ended up getting your second revision? And if so, how did it go?

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I actually just tried taking a photo of it on my computer...I'm kind of apprehensive to post any pictures of myself on the internet but I would black out my eyes. Anyways, it doesn't show up in least not the ones I can take on my computer. But it is quite noticeable, especially when the light hits it. I have had someone recently ask me if I broke my nose.
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Hi, I am located in Toronto. I am kind of considering going to the states as well, even though I know it will be extremely expensive.

After reviewing some of the other posts, I realize I am really not all that bad off. My nose doesn't look awful. Overall the shape is great and it suits my face. It is just this small bump of cartilage that is on top of the bone kind of close to my eye. I'm pretty sure that the cartilage must have slipped. Like I mentioned before, it almost looks like a small wart right under the skin. I am trying not to get too upset about it as plastic surgery gone wrong can be quite hard on the self-esteem.

After this experience and reading that some people have gone through 5,6 surgeries I am apprehensive. The only reason I am really considering it is because it appears like it would be incredibly easy to fix. Someone just has to go and cut this tiny piece of cartilage out. That being said, I thought getting the bump taken out would be super straightforward. They actually called it a 'partial rhinoplasty' as so little was being changed. Wow was I wrong

Anyways, sorry for the long post but any advice would be really helpful.
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I'm sorry you're having to consider a second revision. Let me know if you need help posting before and after photos. They really help us visualize what you're describing. Where in Canada are you?

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