Has anyone ever had revision rhinoplasty after an ear graft was used in their first surgery?

  • Trisha B
  • Kansas City, MO
  • 4 months ago

It has been over 13 months since I had rhinoplasty done to remove a big hump from the bridge of my nose. As a part of the procedure my doctor used a graft from my ear to help maintain the shape of the tip and give it a lift. The swelling has subsided and the bridge hump is gone, but I now have a small lump of bone on the upper left side of my nose along the bridge where the hump was removed. I also have a lump from a slightly bowed out bit of cartilage on the right side near the nostril. Basically my nose looks crooked. My doctor said he would do a revision and shave down the lumps on either side to make my nose look straight again, but despite his assurances that it won't be a problem, I'm really very concerned about the graft. I understand a revision is complicated enough as it is, and often involves adding grafts, but I have yet to find any information where a revision is done on a nose that already has a graft. Even though my doctor is waving his fee for the surgery, I feel like I should just cut my loses and accept the fact that I've traded a hook nose for a crooked/misshapen one. Not to mention a jacked up ear from the graft.