Revision Rhino Specialist in Montreal?

  • bellina_23
  • Montreal, QC
  • 2 years ago

Hi!!I would like to know if there are any surgeons who specialize in revision rhinoplasty arount the Montreal area... I would like to consult with a Doctor but I don`t know who to turn to and whether I should contact a plastic surgeon or a maxillo-facial surgeon... THank you for your help!!

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Hi there!

In the U.S. most folks would find a revision rhinoplasty specialist. You should contact (or go to the website of) the board that certifies surgeons in Canada and find a few doctors in your area and start going to consultations (try to go on at least three to get a good idea of what sort of doctor you're looking for).

Here's a woman who just had rhinoplasty and a chin implant in Montreal and is happy with her results. You will want to ask about REVISION rhinoplasty though, as that's different and even more intricate than rhinoplasty.

Hope this helps!