Revision rhino - fascia for thin skin

  • Olivia2013
  • 1 year ago

Had secondary rhino and a fascia was used as I have thin skin (also had slight further rasping of bone on bridge). I feel where the fascia was used appears swollen... How long does it take for fascia swelling to settle on average? Operation was 6.5 weeks ago. In addition, does air travel/ humidity have an effect on the level of swelling? Thanks!

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Who did your surgery? I think I need fascia placed over tip.

Hi there,

It looks like you're starting to get answers from doctors to your question in the Doctor Q&A community.

We'd love to have you start your story about your revision rhinoplasty journey here. It can be like your own mini support group and helps others considering a similar procedure as well.

Thanks ! I thought I would post here too to get a different perspective from any rhino patients who have had personal experiences with fascia! Thanks again :)