Revision Rhino

  • Melinda75
  • MA
  • 2 years ago

Hello, I had a ("finesse) Septo/Rhino several years ago.  Overall improvement of the slight bump and deprojected tip.  However, from a front view my nose now pulls to the right, appearing crooked (which pre-Sx it was not!). My initial sx was an open rhino.  Would this be "fixable" via closed rhino ?  Also, one side (oblique angle) appear to be more sloped than the other. I really like the look of a slight "slope" to the nose.  I would certainly be willing to go through the procedure to improve my nose further.  How much (approximately) would a revisions of this nature likely to cost?  Are there any rhino revisions specialist in the Baltimore or Philadelphia areas ?  Thanks!!! *M*

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