Revision/second Nose Surgery in Dubai, Can Anyone Pls Help Me

  • ashleydubai
  • 2 years ago

Hello I have read reviews about a few surgeons here. Dr Marc Muller (also ENT) Dr Ashok Govilla (seen good reviews online) Dr Can Imdat (good reviews online) Dr Ahmed Ghamen Dr Dany Kayle Dr Khalid Saab (too much advertising) anyone has experience or reviews about them then please do share your suggestions. If I had the money I would travel to USA today but unfortunately I cant. I have had a bad surgery that has left be deeply depressed for the past 3 yrs, now I just want to have a normal nose

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I have been referred to Dr. Marc Mueller for a Sinuplasty, Rinoplasty & Septum correction. Does anyone have any experience of procedures with him. Any comments would be much appreciated.
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Sure, drop me Your email and I will send You the pictures. I do not Put My face publicly on web, the results are fantastic. Cost was 20 000 AED.
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Ashok Govila is your man for the revision. He did my nose revision. Higly recommended for any procedure.
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Hi there Perfectionist76,
what did the surgery for revision cost you? also, would you mind showing us before and after photos,
thank you
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I'm sorry you're not happy with your previous surgeries! Make sure whatever doctor you choose is a rhinoplasty specialist with lots of experience and before and after photos to show you.

Hopefully you'll get some input from people who've been to these surgeons.

Here's what some other doctors say about finding good surgeons in Dubai.

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