Has anyone had revision one month after Rhinoplasty to make the nose shorter (lift the tip)?

  • b7rkj1
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • 4 months ago

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What did you have done to the nose and what was put in it? Was it rotated? Who was your surgeon? You'll find when the nose is swollen (and it will be, at one month) the nose will look like the tip is hanging as the nose changes shape and settles. I WOULD NOT do anything at one month. I felt as you did--horrified at how the nose loo. Give it time; if you still self-conscious at three months, ask your surgeon. This is a hard lesson I wish I had learned--no one notices the things you hate about your nose right now as much as you do. Try to wait and go with your life; that part of the nose will "contract" and the tip will probably lift by itself.