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Pubic area too full after tummy tuck - need a revision or just swelling?

  • 3844anon
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • 4 years ago

I have lost over 140lbs. A few weeks ago, I had abdominoplasty performed. Most of swelling has subsided. I'm pleased with my results thus far...but I have been concerned because it appears my pubic area has not been as lifted as I wanted it to. I'm a male patient. I did request my doctor to do liposuction but he said it was dangerous because of the sperm channels or something like that. It looks rather full above the penis and theres still skin laxity.. esp. in comparison to abdomen! need a revision?

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I really hope its swelling!! as i feel like i can still grab lots of skin in the area and its kinda full :S My doctor didnt wanna do lipo or anything in that area and I did feel like i might have needed it before because it was kinda "pouchey" its stretched up top but still rather thick ..... i will wait a few months and see hopefully its just swelling and it goes down!
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You could still be experiencing swelling at this point. It'll take several weeks to months for it to completely subside.
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