Considering revision for Cong Ptosis Surg. - thoughts?

  • Nash2012
  • 2 years ago

I'm 34 and was born with cong. ptosis. In March of this year I had a blepharoplasty (internal) performed by an oculoplastic surgeon. I was unhappy with the results as not only was there barely any difference, but my eyelid is now crooked ( where it at least used to be straight. I expressed my unhappiness with doctor who basically dismissed me and praised the work he had done. After a couple months went by, I was still unhappy with the look of my eyelid. I've even received many comments from friends and family about how there is no noticable difference. I consulted with another ocuplastic surgeon who has assured me she can repair and make the needed corrections via external blepharoptosis repair. It took a lot for me to go through with this the first time, so I'm extremely nervous about yet another "tweek" to my eye. I would love some feedback, esp from anyone who has had a correction after an initial surgery, esp if anyone has had both internal and external.